Planetapéia Palace

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Cradle of the Magic Nerino and all members

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The Palace is the current headquarters of Planetapéia Cultural and Recreative Association, the place has all the infrastructure to shelter all vehicles, to host parties of the group and events of sponsors and partners. There you will also find the office of Nerino Furlan, where almost all inventions came true. All details there were thought and have relation with some curious fact related to Planetapéia's history.

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Rua das Missões, 71 - Ponte Aguda - Blumenau
Santa Catarina - Brasil - CEP: 89051-000


Beside is the project executed to build The Palace Planetapéia. On the project and images is possible to identify some architectural elements related with some vehicles as Centopéia, Locopéia and Fuscopteropéia, there also some details related to the Iron Bridge of Blumenau. This construction is another dream from Nerino Furland and his team.

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