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Planetapéia participates of Gaspar's Christmas 

On 06/12/2019 Planetapéia shone in the traditional Christmas of Gaspar, being one of the main attractions of the party.

.Natal Mágico 2019 Gaspar 01

Picture: Beto Furlan - Gaspar's Christmas of 2019

Annunciation skating angels, Santa Claus cycling and some of the pedal toys that are part of Planetapéia - very popular in the Blumenau Oktoberfest parades - made the attractions of the Christmas parade in Gaspar in the European Valley even more special in 2019 One of the most awaited moments of the Gaspar Christmas cultural program was at 8:30 pm on Friday, December 6, with the parade along Coronel Aristiliano Ramos Street, bringing the magic and traditional enchantment of the date to the city's main artery “Heart of the Valley

Norberto Mette, general director of Tourism of Gaspar, explains that the toys of the Planetapeia family that were part of Friday's parade received special decoration all focused on Christmas. Among the cyclists who pedaled the toys was Santa Claus himself. The arrival of the good old man on a bike is in line with the city's proposal to encourage the use of the vehicle as one of the measures to soften the environmental impact and facilitate urban mobility.

Natal Mágico 2019 Gaspar 02

 Pictures: Beto Furlan -  Members During the Parade

Just over half a kilometer away, the parade route also featured the participation of Gaspar's marching bands and social groups, among other attractions, while the avenue was filled with Christmas carols. It is estimated that the parade was attended by at least 20 groups from Gaspar and region to represent the essence of this time of year in a unique show. In the town square, there was also a presentation of Terno de Reis - as the songs performed by small groups of musicians who refer to the biblical story of the Three Kings and their arrival at the place where the baby Jesus was.

Natal Mágico 2019 Gaspar 03

Picture: Beto Furlan -  Planetapéia's Team

Source: Prefeitura de Gaspar