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Visit of Hunting and Shoting Clubs

On 04/12/2019 the Cultural, Desportive and Recreative Association Planetapéia received the Hunting and Shooting Clubs of Blumenau.

Museu Caça e Tiro 002

Picture: Kako Waldrich - Nerino Furlan, Marcelino Campos and Members of the Clubs CCTs

On December 4th of 2019 the Planetapéia Palace was the venue of the Blumenau and Region Hunting and Shooting Clubs meeting, it was first public presentation promoted by Nerino Furlan and the entire Planetapéia family. At the event the group had the opportunity to introduce the members and the Magician's creations, as well as a moment of relaxation for the Associates, Presidents, Royalty and Directors of the Clubs, sharing joy and memories of Planetapéia and Blumenau. It is always a pleasure for Planetapéia to receive friends at the Palace.

Museu Caça e Tiro 001

Picture: Kako Waldrich -  Members of the Association during the visit