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Planetapéia's Vehicles can become miniatures in Lego

Lego 01

How about assembling the vehicles of Planetapeia with pieces of Lego? A man from Santa Catarina (Brazilian State) who lives in the United States and develops designs of miniatures made with the famous colored bricks has accepted the challenge of one of the members of the group and sent images of how they would be some of the vehicles that are really famous on the Oktoberfest in Blumenau.

Lego 02

American site made projection of how it would be to news (Picture: )

The creator of Planetapeia, Nerino Furlan, loved an idea. He is going to the United States on the site, maintained by the guy from Santa Catarina who lives for years in the land of Uncle Sam.

Lego 03

American site made projection of how it would be to news (Picture: )

Nerino wants to know if he can assemble kits with the pieces and sell to those who visit the Planetapeia Space, where the vehicles are stored, erected next to the Iron Bridge in the Ponta Aguda neighborhood. If assembly and sale are allowed, success is guaranteed. At least around Blumenau.

Little Blumenau

A second idea will be shared with the designer of Make a miniature of the Blumenau's downtown with the pieces of Lego. The idea is to reproduce part of XV de Novembro Street and Beira Rio Avenue, with emphasis on the São Paulo Apostle Cathedral, the city hall building, the Iron Bridge and, of course, the Planetapeia Palace.

Brazilian Day

Another commitment of Nerino Furlan in the United States is to talk with the organizers of the Brazilian Day, celebration which is a tribute to the Brazilian culture in New York. He wants to drive the Locopéia on Big Apple's 6th Avenue.

If the organization agrees, the 3.6-ton vehicle will be shipped to the United States by September. According to Nerino Furlan, it would be 20th country to receive one of the attractions related with the Planetapéia.

​Source: Pancho/NSC - Published: 22/01/2019