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Get to know how Nerino Furlan started a dream that is now called Planetapéia

The Wizard Nerino
Nerino História

Nerino José Furlan has created a unique quad bike (a bicycle for his children: Guionardo, Guioberto and Guioney). An enthusiast and admirer of the German culture, he watched the Oktoberfest parades. One day, he invited three friends, Nilo Quintino, Luís Carlos Carvalho and Zair Aníbal de Souza, to take part of the parades. They borrowed the German typical costumes, embellished the bicycle with flowers and followed to the beginning of the parade really happy and motivated. However, they did not have an authorization to parade and were barred by the organizers.

Nerino, restless and irreverent, advanced two blocks along the Itajaí Açu river with the quad bike and his friends. They stopped two blocks ahead and saw a police officer. They asked him to lift up the cord, once they needed to get in the parade. They told the officer that they had had a flat tire and they had to fix it. The police officer, not knowing they were not allowed in the parade, let them in. The joy of these revelers, their will and perseverance, fell on the public’s grace and this quad bike remains in the parades until nowadays. This quad bike was named Centopéia do Chope.

Nerino História

A place, a click, a napkin, a pen, imagination, the sketch, a dream come true by the pleasure, the joy of becoming a child again. This was the beginning of Planetapéia, created by Nerino José Furlan. The more than 25 vehicles delight people wherever they go, and it does not matter the age, a child, an adult, everybody is delighted by its magic and contagious joy. With over 30 years of history, they have already been to different countries as: Portugal, Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, China, The Arab Emirates, Turkey, Israel, Cappadocia, Dubai and The Vatican, country that was marked by the words of the Pope who said: “Brazil Centipede, a hug!” An admirer of the German party, Nerino strives to express his creativity and bring joy wherever he goes. The Planetapéia group has already taken part in over 407 parades, where 250 personalities take part in each parade. Throughout this trajectory, more than 25,000 people have already taken part in parades with this group.

Dá-lhe chope, Olê, Olê, Olá!

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